Quantative Research

Quantitative Research is using a sample of the real world to generate numerical or hard data to predict real world attitudes and behaviors. It is about asking people for their opinions and behavior in a structured format to generate statistically reliable insights in a market, issue or opportunity.

Our quantitative tool box includes all traditional techniques like online, phone and intercept surveys. We also have some unique hybrid research technologies that can help keep research budgets in check, while delivering great insight with high levels of reliability.

Our collective consulting experience of over 40 years, and many hundreds of projects ensures that our survey questionnaires are free from bias in design and application. A significant point of difference from other consultancies is the 25 years experience in public opinion polling, which has refined our expertise in questionnaire and sample design, weighting and statistical analysis, to become the one of the most reliable full-service market research specialists in WA.

At Patterson Research Group we have broad experience conducting the following (among others):

Telephone Surveys (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews):

Our expertise in this traditional survey method has been the foundation of our success, especially through our great accuracy in opinion polling services, and is the main reason that we have been one of Perth’s most reputable market research providers for the past 25 years. We are renown for fast, effective and high quality systematic data collection by telephone interviewing, using proven questionnaire design techniques. Whilst many areas can be addressed with online surveys, the phone project is often the best way to survey particular geographic areas or other specific target groups. Patterson Research Group guarantees the highest quality in telephone research at the fastest project turnaround times in WA.


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Online Surveys:

Online surveys are very cost effective for general population surveys, but also for surveys directed at very specific target groups. The project costs are generally lower than those of telephone surveys; however quality in online research strongly depends on the quality of the respondent database used. We helped develop and now have access to our related fieldwork company’s “WestSense” research community, the only online panel for WA only.

Online surveys are also very useful for employees, key stakeholder groups or other specific groups for which a reliable email database is available. Ask us about our unique hybrid research design, which combines the insight possible from an online survey with the statistical reliability of a properly constructed random dial telephone survey.

Face-to-Face / Intercept Surveys:

We at Patterson Research Group have many years experience in designing and managing face to face surveys – whether they be “at the door” or central location intercept. Face-to-face surveys are often conducted when a specific group of people is targeted (e.g. people visiting a specific event or a specific retailer on a certain day) or when we ask our respondents to actually look at or sample a new concept or product (or both).

Postal Surveys / Pencil-and-paper:

Whilst postal surveys have lost some favor due to the slow turnaround and not always being cost competitive, there are some circumstances in which it is preferable to conduct a survey by post (e.g. if it is targeted at a very specific target group). Indeed, Patterson Research Group has several clients for whom the postal survey is still the only feasible methodology; this keeps us well experienced in managing your postal surveys effectively.

Hybrid Studies:

These are generally a combination of other research methodologies (generally the combination of a phone and an online survey), blended to achieve an adequately representative sample at minimum cost. The online component often provides affordable feedback from a large proportion of the target group, and the phone component is used as a follow-up to balance the sample and so achieve the required quota to guarantee a sufficiently representative sample.


Omnibus Research (FlashPoll)

Our quarterly FlashPoll is a very cost effective way to do high quality research for every budget. You can start with just asking one question.

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Quantative Research

Online surveys, Telephone (CATI), Face-to-Face (in-hall, central locations), postal or a combination of all – we are a FULL-SERVICE market research specialist.

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Qualitative Research

We offer a broad range of qualitative research solutions, including Focus Groups, Mini Groups, Triads, In-Depth Interviews, Taste Tests and customised Workshops.

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