Qualitative Research

As Quantitative Research provides hard numbers, Qualitative Research is more about understanding people’s feelings and motivations behind their choices in a real life context.

Qualitative Research is all about exploring issues. We believe that for a given problem or issue, in most instances, the traditional qualitative methodologies of personal in-depth interviews and focus groups are far more insightful than remote electronic approaches – as visual communication is a very important component in understanding the emotions and feelings behind expressed opinions by respondents. Gaining real understanding is more than just listening to (or reading) what people say. Often the most useful insights are observed rather than verbalised.

At Patterson Research Group we have broad experience conducting the following (among others):

Focus Groups

The Qualitative Research setting in which our senior researchers moderate a group of people recruited according to specific qualifying criteria. The session can discuss the merits and drawbacks of a policy, proposition, issue, product or service. Focus groups elicit opinions and attitudes towards a product, service or concept, and more importantly, the underlying drivers of those opinions. Many new ideas and concepts are fine tuned by focus group programs. Patterson can help you with the selection of the right respondents. We offer a full focus group service program. Groups mostly vary from 6 to 10 respondents and the duration is mostly 1 to 1½ hours.

In-Depth Interviews

Individual In-Depth Interviews are mostly suitable when the research target group is either very senior, specific experts in their field, or in direct competition (unwilling to share their opinions / experiences in a group environment). Also when a research topic is very specific or confidential, a series of in-depth Interviews is sometimes preferred over focus groups. In-depth interviews can also be conducted by phone in cases of geographically dispersed target groups, as in the more remote areas of WA. We have many years of experience conducting in-depth Interviews and helped many clients to develop very useful insights for their issues or opportunities.


Omnibus Research (FlashPoll)

Our quarterly FlashPoll is a very cost effective way to do high quality research for every budget. You can start with just asking one question.

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Quantative Research

Online surveys, Telephone (CATI), Face-to-Face (in-hall, central locations), postal or a combination of all – we are a FULL-SERVICE market research specialist.

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Qualitative Research

We offer a broad range of qualitative research solutions, including Focus Groups, Mini Groups, Triads, In-Depth Interviews, Taste Tests and customised Workshops.

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