Our Research Areas

As full-service market research specialists, we can assist you with all your market research needs. We have over 25 years of experience in Perth. Our experience covers the following research services.

Community Awareness / Perception (tracking):

It is of paramount importance that this data is reliable, particularly if it is to be tracked over time. We are leaders in quantitative measures of awareness, perception and/or behavior within local communities regarding a public issue or event. If needed we can micro target the smallest areas.

Customer Satisfaction (tracking):

Knowing what the clients want and what motivates them to come back to you is the key in business success. We have a wealth of experience in developing and managing customer satisfaction surveys for many private and Government clients.

Employee Satisfaction:

Unhappy employees result in high staff turnover – and that is expensive and disruptive to any business. Patterson Research Group provides powerful employee survey solutions to assess and track your staff's mood to help you retain your main asset; qualified staff.

Concept/Product Development:

It is common knowledge that most new product launches fail. You can improve your chances of success with reliable data on concept appeal, likes/dislikes, potential user groups, purchase intent and purchase thresholds. Based on broad international experience with concept/product testing, Patterson Research Group can provide the measures to enable informed decisions and plans for your product development.

Market Sizing/Price Tests:

The reliable estimation of the number of buyers at different price points and the rate of initial and repeat purchase is crucial to the development of an effective long-term marketing strategy. Knowing the market size enables the business to estimate the market share (and hence required marketing efforts) that is needed for a viable business strategy.

Segmentation Analyses:

The development of meaningful market segments is one of the most useful research inputs to a marketing effort. We are able to bring relevant market segmentation techniques to a project to define the size, characteristics and habits of the segments that show the most potential for a product or service. Segmentation can be based on simple demographics or sophisticated multivariate analysis of attitudinal, product usage and lifestyle variables.

Brand Awareness Test / Tracking:

Recall and recognition of your brand helps you to understand the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Patterson Research Group provides these services via a host of research methodologies from our FlashPoll omnibus to online trackers.

Brand Image / Positioning:

Brand positioning maps provide insight in the strength of the brand’s image, the relative position in the market and possible directions for strategic growth. Let the experts at Patterson Research Group advise you on your own strategic marketing options.

Usage and Attitudes Studies (Uses and Gratifications):

Helps you understand how your clients / staff / the general public perceives and uses your product or service. It’s all about measuring the multiple dimensions of ‘W’; What is used, when, where, by whom and why?

Product Attributes Analysis:

Through sophisticated Max Diff analyses (a form of Conjoint Analysis) on combinations of product/service attributes we can help you compose the ideal products and service mix for your target markets. We have used this technique to great effect in the health insurance segment, and can bring our broad expertise to bear on yours.

Feasibility Study:

Looking at the viability of a project or idea and identifying opportunities and potential problems. Strong Go/No-Go results can be provided us.  

If your issue or problem does not fit into one of the above research categories, you will find that with 25 years experience servicing a satisfied WA market, we probably have the right experience to help you as well. Call us now to discuss your needs!


Omnibus Research (FlashPoll)

Our quarterly FlashPoll is a very cost effective way to do high quality research for every budget. You can start with just asking one question.

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Quantative Research

Online surveys, Telephone (CATI), Face-to-Face (in-hall, central locations), postal or a combination of all – we are a FULL-SERVICE market research specialist.

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Qualitative Research

We offer a broad range of qualitative research solutions, including Focus Groups, Mini Groups, Triads, In-Depth Interviews, Taste Tests and customised Workshops.

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