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For over 25 years Patterson Research Group conducted a FlashPoll telephone omnibus survey amongst n=400 different members of the West Australian public as regularly as once every month! 

However the falling proportion of households with a landline connection has meant that the CATI FlashPoll has became unworkable.  The very high and growing proportion of young people in particular eschewing landline connections has meant that it is both very expensive and progressively less reliable to effectively sample younger adults. 

The Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA) study of telephone connections in 2011 found that 20% of households no longer have a landline connection.  This is of minor concern if the profile of those connected is an adequate reflection of the total population.  However: 

  • The 2011 estimate was that of the 18 – 24 yr. olds who had left the family home, some 60% did not have any landline. 
  • It is less of an issue with the older age groups; nonetheless approximately 45% the 18 – 39 age group does not have a landline for voice connection.
  • The trend to eschew landline connections for voice communication appears to be ongoing.

 Certainly the sample providers have  included SOME mobile phone numbers, but the total across Australia that are tied to specific locations, is only a couple of million mobile phone numbers – out of a population in the order of 30+ Million mobile phone numbers, many of which are for minors.  Moreover, a typical household of two adults and two minors would have at least 2 mobile phones.  ACMA reported in 2015 that the average Australian has 1.3 mobile phone accounts.

 PRG has met this new reality by transfering our quarterly FlashPoll service to an online survey of an 800 sample generated from a panel of 40,000 West Australians.

Our quarterly “FlashPoll” is a fast, affordable way to get high quality answers about opinions, trends and attitudes amongst the West-Australian public. As many of our clients have found, its consistency in design and sample profile makes FlashPoll particularly useful in tracking changes over time. It is also especially useful when you only have a few specific questions, but you don’t want to commit to the expense of a dedicated stand-alone survey.

FlashPoll is:

Very Fast:
We normally deliver your results (in data tables) within a week of the start of fieldwork.

Well Affordable:
Your costs, ‘no frills’, are simply calculated per question. The project costs are shared with other clients in FlashPoll; that’s why we can offer you the best prices in WA for high quality research.

Suitable for Many Clients:
Our solid client base for FlashPoll stems from many industry sectors and (Local and State) Governments in WA.

More information:

The fieldwork normally starts on the first Monday or Tuesday of the selected month for that quarter. The service involves a set of standard questions to cover the main demographics. The total interview is limited to about 12 minutes. After fieldwork the data is weighted to ensure it perfectly represents the WA demographic profile as provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The service includes question design, analysis and delivery of a clean SPSS-file or clean data tables in MS Excel or Word. At a 15% additional charge, we develop a brief research report in MS Word or MS PowerPoint as well. Coverage can be for Perth or all WA and costs can be as little as $1,000 + GST for one question. Call us for a quote!


Omnibus Research (FlashPoll)

Our quarterly FlashPoll is a very cost effective way to do high quality research for every budget. You can start with just asking one question.

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